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5 warning signs of a stroke

5 warning signs of a stroke Time is of the utmost importance in stroke. Because if blood vessels are broken, narrowe, or blocked, They cannot carry oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Will result in damage to the brain and nervous system. Risk of paralysis

Behaviors that can cause freckles

Behaviors that can cause freckles. Accelerating factors that cause skin problems like blemishes Freckles often come from inappropriate behavior or behavior that increases the risk of freckles. For example: As we all know, the sun is full of UV rays that can penetrate the skin

Stimulants that cause migraine symptoms.

Factors or stimuli that cause migraine headaches. May vary from person to person. Either from the environment, food or the person themselves, for example  provides information on the causes of migraines comes from genetics and comes from the stimulus. That causes headaches Migraine patients respond to stimulating stimuli. Causing sensory

Causes of depression.

Depression is a disease caused by many factors. Overall, it is the psychological factors, upbringing, and environment that make one tend to view oneself in a negative way. Childhood may be abandoned Or use violence. Or is there a psychological distance between the patient and his or her parents? Or