Techniques for choosing short hairstyles for women. Girls with square faces, high cheekbones, and clear jaws can cut them.

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short hair, square face It doesn’t always have to be a style that helps conceal the face and make it look slimmer. But short hairstyles are good for square faces. It should be a style that promotes facial features to make it look more interesting.

Characteristics of a square face Most have the width of their foreheads equal to the width of their jaws. Has a clear square jaw and high cheekbones Makes the overall face look larger than other face shapes. And this makes many people worried and don’t like their own faces. They also think that square faces should only have long hair to disguise the face shape and make it look smaller. You should forget about short hair. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

Short hairstyles for square faces with high cheekbones. For girls with square faces Who do not want to emphasize the proportions or squareness of the face. A simple technique for choosing a short hairstyle is to choose a hairstyle that looks asymmetrical. or is accurate Too precise, such as side parting, side swept bangs, as well as haircuts that help create roundness on the face. like curling hair bending the tip Short cuts with layers It creates a new line of sight. Makes the two sides of the face not look too equal. And the roundness will help reduce the hardness of the face shape.

Short cut hair + side part

Previously, people with square faces were always told to avoid cutting their hair short. Because of fear that it will make the face look bigger But nowadays it has changed. Because people with square faces can cut their hair short and come out as beautiful as other face shapes.

Just choose a hair style that is cut short and leaves the length in the front combed to the sides below the level of the eyebrows. So that the front hair helps balance the face better. Or do a deep side part. and style it to look a bit taller To add length to the face

Short bob hair

Short bob, or bob that fits the face shape, is a popular hairstyle in every era. No matter how many times you cut it again, it will definitely never get old. In addition, bob hairstyles are suitable for girls with square faces that have a clear jawline. Choosing a bob haircut of the right length for your face will help close the jaw. It camouflages the weak points in the face very well. The tip of the hair is curved to fit the face. This will help conceal the squares. Those stiffness After cutting your bob, your face will immediately look slimmer. If your face looks youthful, you can lighten your hair color, such as light brown or bright grey.

Short bob with bangs

Trimming your hair into a short bob It will definitely help your square face shape become sweeter. Because the tip of the hair will fit into the face frame, but for girls with a square face and a pointed chin Adding bangs to your short bob will give you a youthful look. and does not make the face look too short or too wide

Short, curly hair adds volume.

People with square faces should opt for short hairstyles that include curls. Or use the method of layering your hair to make it look full of volume. Because cutting your hair straight and perfectly framed will make your entire face look angular.

But the curls will help make our face look soft and beautiful. and helps camouflage the facial structure in the jaw area which will make the face look slender and beautiful without making the face look bigger