Causes of depression.

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Depression is a disease caused by many factors. Overall, it is the psychological factors, upbringing, and environment that make one tend to view oneself in a negative way. Childhood may be abandoned Or use violence. Or is there a psychological distance between the patient and his or her parents? Or there has been some improper upbringing. That has rarely strengthened the child to have moral support or to be a person with self-esteem. Or maybe there has been continuous stress for a long time. Finally, the experience that he grew up with whether from upbringing. Or that various problems in daily life that cause stress also affect the functioning of the brain that controls emotions.ทางเข้า UFABET

Treating depression with psychotherapy.

Treating depression requires psychological therapy as well. and one medicine for treating depression. It doesn’t work for everyone. Some people may have good results with this one. Some people may have good results with others. Therefore, when starting treatment, if treatment has been used for a period of time. Such as 4 weeks or 6 weeks, and symptoms still do not improve. The doctor may consider treatment that is appropriate for each patient.

if it is ” depression ” it is not just temporary sadness. Over time, it may affect your working life to the point where you may have to leave this world prematurely.