Mental health problems.

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Estimates suggest at least a third of people who get COVID develop mental health problems. Such as depression and anxiety, or they aren’t satisfied with their lives overall. Sleep troubles, like insomnia or night terrors, have also become increasingly common symptoms. In fact, a recent report found that 41% of people with long COVID have moderate-to-severe sleep issues. Dr. Rajupet has noticed that many people with long COVID become highly (and understandably) emotional health too.

Experts suspect these issues are a combination of the health effects directly caused by the infection. Such as inflammation and immune system dysregulation. And a secondary response to all the other problems COVID can trigger for people. Says Dr. Barshikar. Living with constant pain and feeling anxious about your health can be draining and stressful. So it’s only natural to feel mentally weighed down UFABET

Long COVID can bring on a lot of changes in your life and prevent you from doing things you previously could do. For Sass, giving up hobbies and worrying about coming off as “lazy”. As she grapples with chronic fatigue has grated on her mental health. “Not being able to do daily tasks like you used to can really impact how you feel about yourself.” she says.