Stimulants that cause migraine symptoms.

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Factors or stimuli that cause migraine headaches. May vary from person to person. Either from the environment, food or the person themselves, for example

  1. Not getting enough sleep too little sleep
  2. Stress accumulates from work, studies, family, love, finances, and various personal matters.
  3. Tiredness from working or playing sports
  4. Certain types of food such as butter, chocolate, nuts, and fermented foods
  5. Eating at irregular times
  6. Machine containing alcohol
  7. Being in too much bright light
  8. A noisy, noisy place.ทางเข้า UFABET

 provides information on the causes of migraines comes from genetics and comes from the stimulus. That causes headaches Migraine patients respond to stimulating stimuli. Causing sensory changes in the nervous system more quickly than normal people. (Hypersensitivity) causing severe headaches. or headaches more easily than normal people.

Migraine, a headache that does not go away

Although the treatment for migraine will not cure it completely, you must constantly reduce and be careful of various triggers as mentioned above. But the patient can take care of himself. to relieve pain and avoid stimulating factors To prevent headaches

However, if the headache becomes more and more severe, even though you try to avoid these stimuli all the time. You should consult your doctor for medication. or proceed with other appropriate treatment methods.