Things to know about online fish shooting games

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Things to know about online fish shooting games. But can play no matter where with UFABET

Various fish when they come off the screen will consider a new fish. By its blood Will return to the same full capacity, holding down or pressing. The auto button is a huge ammo waste. Because ammunition is money If you can’t manage that fish successfully. You should shoot the fish that others have already shot. 

It swims towards us Will shoot easier to die. Know how to turn on / off automatic fire In case you want to use Fish. That are close to coming off the screen should shot. Every 6–7 scenes are switch over. You can wait for that moment. Because there will be a line of fish make shooting. As easy as possible If you have little capital. You shouldn’t shoot big fish. Should be chase to collect points from shooting small fish first. To keep collecting funds until there is enough capital to shoot big fish. The player starts by choosing a stake and a gun. There are usually 3 options:
The first option bets 1-9 coins and activates 1 gun
The second option bets 10-90 coins and activates. 2 Guns
Third option is to bet 100-1000 coins and activate 3 guns.

In the event that the player enters the website, select go to game icon To enter the loading game screen, when clicked into JoKer, the game will take all new players into the picture. and the sound of the game New players will see the word start. Players can choose or change bets.

Choose bet level that the minimum bet is how many baht When the player is ready to bet with the money finished Have new players click on the plus and minus buttons at the bottom of the new player screen. The new player’s goal is to kill fish and make the highest score With the weapon, which is that new players bet money that each fish has a different score for sure.

The game itself has big fish will pay out in large quantities. a lot of prizes but consumes more ammunition If a new player chooses to bet on bullets that will kill the big fish. Choose 1 baht of ammunition per shot. If you have 20 baht, you will get 20 shots and you’ll be shooting dead fish. Multiply the ammo value by the score of the fish score. If we use 1 baht ammunition to shoot fish with 10 points or more, you will receive a reward of 10 baht, and the prize increases to 100 baht. It’s a fun and interesting game. this This made this game very popular. 

Even if the prize money is not much the first time. But if it makes new players Learned the skills of the game. Of course the game system. For the rules and playing this game. It can be complicate the first time you play. If new players are bored of shooting games or fishing games. New players may find a game. On the website, you can play more. because every game on the website has selecte only fun games. And open up the opportunity to place bets