Ange defends Richarlison because he has just recovered.

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Tottenham Hotspur head coach Ange Postecoglou has defended Richarlison from their 4-2 defeat to Barcelona yesterday. Saying he wanted to give the youngster a chance. Where the rust clings to the legs because he just recovered from the injury. So scold but don’t be harsh.

Richarlison attempted to start the Trofeo Joan Gamper game at the Olympic Louis Campany in place of Harry Kane. Who was offered a place by Bayern Munich 4 teams therefore ask to preserve the body. 

Overview of the performance of the Brazilian striker was yelled by netizens. While ‘London Football’ cut the score 5-out-10. Summarizing that the first half almost didn’t get the ball. The thing to remember is that there is only a ricochet shot in the 15th minute. And the second half is stable. There is a beautiful ball turn to shoot, spin, curve over the beam, not far away UFABET

Overall worked hard for the team but traditionally not his night.

“He had a slight injury and he missed training for a few days.” he said on the Spurs Play app.

“But Richarlison tried to work hard for the team. then unlucky from 2-3 chances

With reports suggesting Kane is about to be offered by Bayern. The £94.6m (around €110m) offer the Aussie boss says is beyond the reach of the head coach. 

“That is a matter for the club and the players to be involved. It’s not something I care about,” the 57-year-old added. 

“My role is just giving advice and expressing opinions. But only they can push a conclusion.” 

Spurs have found a way out of Kane ‘s loss by signing young forward Alejo Veliz from Rosario Central for £12m. With a five -year personal deal agreed.