Antonio is still sick. After the referee ignored the rhythm

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Antonio is still sick. After the referee ignored the rhythm, Reguilon slapped Creswell.

Mikhail Antonio has reprimanded Sergio Reguilon for slapping Aaron Creswell in the face during West Ham’s 3-1 defeat at Tottenham on Sunday. Come on the Football at UFABET podcast

The West Ham forward said two supporters ran onto the pitch to tie themselves to the posts and distract the referee until he could see the incident.

During the stoppage of the game, Kurt Zuma kicked the ball towards Son Heung Min. Before the South Korean footballer fell in excruciating pain.

Moments later, Spurs’ left-back Sergio Reguilon lashed out at the ex-Chelsea player before Aaron Creswell stepped in to try and block him. on the first page in the end

“Two fans ran into the pitch and they tried to tie themselves to the post,” Antonio said. “It distracted the referee from the rhythm during our game.”

“I don’t know if anyone saw it. But one of our players got a slap in the face. “

Kress was kicking the ball for them to take a corner and it hit Son in the calf. Reguilon ran to Kurt angrily. Wells) stepped in to help and was slapped once.”

“I told the referee. But he told me to wait a little while

Aaron Creswell has been part of a West Ham side who have been outstanding this season. With the Hammers currently in fifth place in the Premier League above Liverpool. With Creswell getting the chance to play regularly this season, all 23 league starts.