Carragher call the Liverpool-Man City game the biggest match

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Carragher call the Liverpool-Man City game the biggest match in English football history.

Jamie Carragher believes Liverpool and Manchester City ‘s meeting in the Premier League. On sunday will be England’s historic and biggest match. According to the UFABET.

The Reds have to invade to visit the Blues. Where they have a point behind only 1 point. Which this game can be consider a decisive match. That may decide the city’s elite fresh league champions this season.

Carragher said the quality of both teams would make the game the most important game in English top-flight football history. More than the encounters of opponents in any past era

“The match between Liverpool and Man City will be the biggest. The most intense And it’s the highest quality game in British history. It is unique in itself. Because for the first time. Two great English teams are also two of the best in the world. And two of the best managers of the era meet.”

“But the fans of Manchester United. Arsenal and Chelsea might not agree with what I said. Because there are still encounters of competitors. That should be compared Many claim that Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger at their peak were of similar quality and full of emotion on the pitch.

“But for me, I see that the two competitors are not comparable in terms of European competition. Although they are the strongest team in the Premier League, when the other team does not win. The other team will step up to win the championship instead. But can you claim that Arsenal and Manchester United were the two best teams in Europe at the time?

“Are they superior to Real Madrid, Juventus or AC Milan? No, United and Arsenal meetings are just a normal domestic game.”