Chelsea Football Club has reached an agreement to sponsor the new shirt.

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Chelsea Football Club has reached an agreement to sponsor the new shirt. Infinite Athletic, an American technological superpower. It is expected to receive wealth in excess of 40 million pounds – per year (approximately $ 51 million).

Report from ‘Sports Mail’ that originally ‘Sing the Blues’ with Tech Company From the United States will confirm cooperation since last Tuesday. But approval by the English Premier League’s top executives has yet to conclude. So everything has been delayed UFABET

The partnership with Infinite Athletic has been linked with fans since the pre-season tour of the US. Because the brand logo appears during the press conference of each match. 

Mauricio Pochettino’s side are expected to wear new sponsored shirts for their home match in front of supporters at Stamford Bridge against Liverpool (August 13). As for the women’s team, it will be a friendly match against Roma next month.

Chelsea’s efforts to find a new main sponsor come months after their contract with mobile phone company ‘Three’ expired at the end of last season. Originally intended to join hands with online gambling companies. But was opposed by disciples, had to pass. 

Infinite Athletic’s plunge into the world of football using Chelsea opens the perception of European markets. The brand offers a wide range of player information, a facility to use for clubs. 

While football fans, if registered through the application, can watch more competitive games than normal live camera angles.