Everton v Manchester United: Pre-game point for Saturday

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Everton v Manchester United: Pre-game point for Saturday night’s Premier League game, Red Devils invade Goodison Park.

1. Lampard with a heavy burden on two shoulders

Coming in after Rafa Benitez in charge of Everton seems to be a tougher job than many people think. Because let’s not say that it will come back up to the top half of the table at all. Just surviving the following season has become a difficult task after losing six of the last seven league games. But if anyone has tried to follow the way Lampard’s team does not look ugly. Emphasis on offensive games, plus there are various methods of approaching to do so that each losing game is a near defeat. But football he decides on the outcome of the match. No matter how good you play in the end, if you don’t win, it’s useless. Making it now, although still in the safe zone. But only 1 point away from Burnley. Who is in the red zone

2. Arsenal waited, but Man United had to grab it.

After Crystal Palace’s surprise beating Arsenal 3-0 in the latest game. The distance between the Red Devils and the Gunners remained at three points. But the Red Devils played more than one match. Which was an opportunity that made Red Devils partisan Starting to see the light. At the end of the tunnel for a chance to win some top 4. But that’s in conditions that they have to return to good form to win as much as possible. Especially during the Songkran period. Where there are two matches against Liverpool and Arsenal in a row.

3. Update the Red Devils, the main character is hurting a lot

Despite the good news that Cristiano Ronaldo may recover from illness and have a chance to return to fit in time to help the team in this match. But there appears to be some bad news, with Scott McTominay, Rafael Varane, Luke Shaw, Jesse Lingard and Edison Cavani playing each other. Let’s get hurt until there is a high chance of losing to serve the team in this game. However, many Red Devils fans may be relieved that the list of “The Bag” this hour, like Fred, is not in the list of injuries that have been mentioned. Report from UFABET