Liverpool-Real Madrid Gnabry reject new Bayern contract

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Liverpool-Real Madrid Hupe Gnabry reject new Bayern contract

Liverpool and Real Madrid are reportedly closely monitoring the situation of Serge Gnabry. The Bayern Munich attacker in the Bundesliga. The transfer market. 

When the 26-year-old footballer not respond. To a new contract extension with the Southern Tiger army in any way.

Gnabry’s current contract with the club is due to expire in the summer of 2023. FC Hollywood have made clear signs. They want him to stay at the club. But reports from Gold. OTCOM has point out the player still needs time to consider. The most suitable contract and opportunity for his future career. Including compensation that is suitable for the pace

By Bayern boss Julian Nagelsmann recently gave an interview about the latest situation of Gnabry’s contract last week. “He has everything a professional player and coach needs. In the end it is a negotiation between the club and the player. I am confident that we will be able to unravel the situation. I want to keep him with the team.” Julian told UFABET

The report indicates that Bayern are aware of the need to hand. Gnabry a new contract worth. What will make him one of the best players. The highest paid on the team and is estimate to be worth around 7 million pounds per year. But on the other hand Choosing to let the striker leave. The Allianz Arena could also be a boon numbers. The team suffer from financial woes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Goal, Real Madrid’s representatives have reache preliminary. Discussions with Gnabry’s agent. After monitoring the player’s development over the past five years. Will play at the Santiago Bernabeu, with former team-mate David Alaba joining them at the moment. While Liverpool and Juventus have been closely monitoring the situation.