Manchester City Liverpool. Which team the most

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Manchester City Liverpool. Which team has paid the most for their agents in the Premier League.

The impact of COVID-19 appears. Doing nothing to the Premier League ‘s elite teams. With aside from the £billion-pound transfer fee of players in England this season. (Until the end of the winter market), the 20 clubs paid player. Agents a total of £272.6 million in gratuity.

The highest-paying team in the league is Manchester City. With the £35 million coming from the sole signing of Jack Grealish for a league record fee. Plus there were contract extensions for Kevin De Bruyne, Ruben Diaz, Joao Cancelo and Ederson.

That At City, Leroy Sane, John Stones, Ilkay Gundogan, Claudio Bravo and Gabriel Jesus came.

Follow by the red team from Manchester at a total of 29 million pounds. Which may not look much considering that they have grabbed many good-profile players to join the team,

They follow in third place with a total amount of 28 million pounds together, report from UFABET

fourth place went to Liverpool with a total amount of 22 million pounds. That must include deals that have agreed upon. Before summer market open. Such Ibrahima Konate from Leipzig and Luis Diaz. The 50 million pound player of Porto.

with ArsenalAt £18.5m in fifth place, it’s not a huge surprise.With a wide range of players proving to be very rewarding.

From the signing of Christian Romero and two from Juventus. Who are on the run. I’m in right now spite grabbing new players to join the team

And here are the payouts for the remaining 14 teams:

Leicester 12,046,495
Wolverhampton 11,958,945
Everton 11,494,820
Leeds £11,396,947
West Ham 10,532,927
Aston Villa £9,557,054
Crystal Palace £ 8,865,483
Norwich 8,667,246
Newcastle £7,717,687
Brighton 6,244,039
Burnley 6,005,185
Southampton 4,941,761
Brentford £3,499,285