Manchester City v Liverpool: issues before the Premier League game

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Manchester City v Liverpool: issues. Before the Premier League game on Sunday night. Decide the champions, the Reds invade the nest, the Blues.

1. The winner may be the champion, but it has to

As you know, this game, if there is a winner. The team is almost on the podium touching the Premier League trophy to one side that has it all. But do not forget that they still have eight games to play. Which according to the program. It looks like the Blues will only find a team in the bottom. Half of the table will have only West Ham. Who may be a thorn. Finally, while Liverpool still have to face the top half of the team. Wolverhampton, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United, which appear to be a bit more difficult. Plus, both teams have to make up for the FA Cup. Which must meet in the last four and the UEFA Champions League. That still looks bright for both of them as well report from UFABET

2. Offensive choice, Reds

Although Mo Salah’s name is still intimidating and is still an integral part of Liverpool at this time. It appears that in the past two months the Egyptian striker’s continuity has faded, especially in the second half. The last few shots are considered to have little role in the game. Compared to the past This may be due to the intense fighting throughout the year. However, it seems that the Reds’ offensive game this hour will be tight. How can they replace each other flawlessly because Diogo Jota is known as the new hope of the team in scoring. Including the red wing Luis Diaz has adapted to the system impressively. Which is not easy at the back. City will eat pork in the comfort zone like many games in the past.

3. Ake, the man who plugged the leak in the defense of the Blue Sailboat

In the past month, one of the players. That Pep Guardiola seems to have grown in his interest in was Dutch defender Nathan Ake. Who was previously fourth-choice. In the latter part. Starting to shine when the team is without a good team like Ruben Dias. And can also be stationed in the left-back position as well. Which is a style that Manchester City have been missing for a long time. Because if using Cancelo or even Zinchenko, these two will be particularly good at attacking. But choosing Ake to take up his position proves the game. Strong defensive line and that coincides with Liverpool’s right-hand side. Who has a good character like Salah. So perhaps choosing Ake in this game might be an interesting choice for Pep that has it all.

4. Klopp-Pep’s inconsistent stats

Who knew that two of today’s top coaches, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, would meet in 22 games during their careers as managers, both in the Bundesliga? Desliga when Pep was in charge of Bayern and Klopp in charge of Dortmund. But their arrival at the same time kept them coming together in England for a long time. Which is an interesting statistic is that the work of both of them is inconsistent. Klopp won 9 (33 goals), 4 Pep won 9 (36 goals), which of course. If there is a win in this game, besides will have more chances to win the championship It is also a declaration of superiority in terms of statistics as well.