Premier League In current currency Who is the most expensive player

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Premier League In current currency. Who is the most expensive player.

In the summer of 1996, buns cost half a pound. Beer cost nearly two pounds. And Newcastle United spent £15 million on Alan Shearer.

Crop the image back now. No grocery store sells bread for that price anymore. Just like a beer that’s going up a few times that price, how much would a ‘hot shot’ cost?

In theory, based on inflation. Which is based on the National Bank of England. Shearer’s value would only be around £22-23 million. report from UFABET

That increases each year from the investment value of sponsors and television rights.

According to football experts Kieran Maguire and Jason Laws, Leirer’s fee is roughly the same as his current £222 million Premier League

Sebastian Veron, who move from Lazio to Manchester United in 2000. For close to $30 million and a league record at the time was second only to Shearer at 155.4. The current £ 8.5 million is

follow by Stan Collymore who moved from Forest to Liverpool in 1995. For a fee of £8.5 million. Which is equivalent to a current £132.9 million. Beating Rio Ferdi. Nand, only 4 hundred thousand pounds.

Paul Pogba from Juventus to United at a current £126m
Rio Ferdinand from West Ham to Leeds United (£124.9m)
Wayne Rooney from Ever. Tan to Manchester United (118.6 million pounds)
Dwight York from Aston Villa to United (118.2 million pounds)
Dennis Bergkamp (117.3 million pounds)
Fernando Torres from Liverpool. Young Chelsea (112.3 million pounds)

Thierry Henry’s £11m fee Arsenal paid to the Turin giants at the time would be £89.9m. Premier League and Roy Keane from Forest. Who was close to $4m to United, would be. It is worth 94.2 million ever.