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Stimulants that cause migraine symptoms.

Factors or stimuli that cause migraine headaches. May vary from person to person. Either from the environment, food or the person themselves, for example  provides information on the causes of migraines comes from genetics and comes from the stimulus. That causes headaches Migraine patients respond to stimulating stimuli. Causing sensory

Causes of depression.

Depression is a disease caused by many factors. Overall, it is the psychological factors, upbringing, and environment that make one tend to view oneself in a negative way. Childhood may be abandoned Or use violence. Or is there a psychological distance between the patient and his or her parents? Or

Tea…is it good or useful?

Of course, tea has good nutrients. There are many that are beneficial to the body. But drinking the wrong way causes us to not receive the nutrients from tea as intended. Such as – Very hot tea The heat of the water destroys catechins that are beneficial to

How much spicy taste do you eat to be good?

Spicy taste should be seasoned to the right level. not too spicy. If eating chili or other condiments. That has a spicy taste and feels painful, mouth burning, burning stomach, should stop eating and drink water to reduce irritation from chili food. That may occur in the gastrointestinal tract and


Vegetarian food And vegetarians can not eat both, including meat and food containing animal ingredients. Or meat such as fish sauce (fermented from fish), shrimp paste, crab sticks (with fish meat) There are several types of vegetarians, including: Every time we enter the Vegetarian Festival. We have to start

Mental health problems.

Estimates suggest at least a third of people who get COVID develop mental health problems. Such as depression and anxiety, or they aren’t satisfied with their lives overall. Sleep troubles, like insomnia or night terrors, have also become increasingly common symptoms. In fact, a recent report found that

How much protein should we eat per day?

For normal people You can eat 1 gram of protein per 1 kilogram of body weight. For example, if you weigh 60 kilograms. Then you should eat 60 grams per day. But if anyone is in the process of building muscle Exercise to build a six pack. Or