How much alcohol do you drink? At risk of liver disease?

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If you drink alcohol more than 4-5 drinks per day for more than 5 years. It increases your risk of liver disease. Initial symptoms may include only fat accumulation in the liver. If you still drink large quantities. The same for up to 10 years in a row may be at risk of cirrhosis.

However, each person’s risk of developing cirrhosis is not the same. It depends on your physical condition, heredity, and the amount you drink. And other risky behaviors as well UFABET 

Drink no more than the recommended amount. What are the benefits?

  1. Helps prevent heart disease
  2. Reduce cholesterol
  3. Prevent stroke
  4. Some reports say Prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s as well

All this Choosing the type of alcohol you should drink is important.

The alcoholic beverages that provide the most benefits

  • Red wine because red wine contains certain substances that affect the heart’s blood vessels and increase good cholesterol.
  • white wine
  • Various liquors
  • Beer has more negative effects on the body. Because beer will cause more body fat and swelling.

Drink a lot at once VS Drink a little every day.

It has been reported that drinking a lot at once, drinking heavy amounts in large amounts all at once, increases the risk of acute pancreatitis. and acute hepatitis If you already have other congenital diseases, such as cerebral stenosis It may increase the risk of those diseases as well. which can be life-threatening

If you drink a little but every day and drink an amount that exceeds the recommended amount. It will cause the liver to gradually get worse, causing fibrosis and eventually becoming cirrhosis in the future.